The Pub, a walk, V&A, Sherlock Holmes museum, the Globe and Ministry of Sound

This week got off to a great start with fantastic weather and a large amount of students coming to the welcome drinks. The welcome drinks are not only for new students but for all students. It’s a great opportunity to meet students from other classes and to practice your English conversation skills. Vanessa and I had a great time with the students, we discussed life in London and colloquial English.

Some students ended up staying till 5/ 6 pm! Other students mentioned to me how well their English is improving – which is fantastic! On Tuesday Owen, Jon and Jess (Owen’s lovely dog) went on a sunny walk with around 20 students around central London to discover 2000 years of London’s history. My students told me that it was very interesting and educational and how fantastic Owen is! They learnt about the Great Fire of London (do you know when this is?) and many other interesting historical facts about London. On Wednesday Jemma took a surprising amount of students to the V&A. She was very impressed with how many students came as the weather was absolutely gorgeous outside.  They V&A is so big that Jemma told me they got lost whilst looking for the 20th Century section. Students were disappointed as it closes at 5.30pm so they only managed to see 3 rooms! However Jemma On Thursday Jon took the students to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.  Jon started by telling students some famous quotes from Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately it was very busy and they all had to queue outside the Museum for 45 minutes. Nonetheless, Jon told me all the student really enjoyed themselves. Some students also went to The Shakespeare Globe to see 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, a classic comedy about love and magic, with four young lovers lost in the forest and a fairy queen falling in love with a workman whose head has been changed to a donkey’s head!  The tickets were only  £7!  What a fantastic bargain! Owen organizes a trip to the theatre every week. Every week is different! Tonight is club night, at the Ministry of Sound, so if you're going, I hope you a fab time! Next week, I've organized some more great activities, including going out for traditional English food together! Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the gorgeous weather! I absolutely love London when the sun is shining – so much to do and see! Why not go to one of the many fantastic parks in London and have a Picnic! Danielle 🙂  

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