The Importance of Learning Business English

Chinese may technically be the most spoken language in the world, but this is due to the sheer number of Chinese people. English, however, is the international language of business and is a skill ever increasingly sought after by employers. If you’re working in England, Australia, the USA or any other English-speaking country, then learning Business English is an absolute must. However, even if you are working in another country, the chances are that you will still need to learn some English, particularly if you work for a multinational corporation or work in international trade. It may even be that English is the shared common language between you and another non-native speaker from another country and is the only way you can communicate. In fact, three quarters of the world’s business communication is in English, and 80% of information stored on computers worldwide is also in English. And this is despite less than 10% of the world’s population having English as a native language. Business English differs from general English, so even if you know how to get by on holiday or could have a reasonably fluent conversation with an English-speaking friend, you will probably still struggle in a business environment. There is a lot of vocabulary that you will need to learn how to use and understand that you will probably not have come across in a non-business environment. Our business English language courses in London will be able to help you with the basic language and structures you can use for common everyday business situations such as sending an email or making a telephone call, however a lot of the language you will use all the time will actually be specific to your industry or company. Before attending your course, it is a good idea to compile a glossary of industry-related terms that you will need to use and spend some time looking these up in a dictionary or on the internet. You can then check with your tutor if you are using them correctly and put them into practice during spoken and written tasks while on your course. If you need some extra individual focus, then why not sign up for our Combination course, which gives you the Standard group course plus some one-to-one time in the afternoons. The Combination course is also a good idea if you need to prepare a specific important project or presentation and don’t have time to wait until you’ve learnt everything you need. An important aspect of business English is learning how to express yourself in a confident and professional manner. You may have to convey important information to groups of people, and so will need to know how to do so clearly and without confusion. Work hard on your pronunciation and fluency by speaking as much as possible during the classes, and spend your time in London wisely by going out and meeting new people with whom you can practise. Improving your English can make a difference to your business’s success, as well as your own personal and professional development.

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