The History of Christmas – things you didn’t know about Xmas traditions

     The history of Christmas is VERY old, obviously!

Do you know about all the traditions that we have in The UK at Christmas time?

Perhaps you have the same customs in your country, too. Please tell us what you do at Christmas in the comments section below.  

There are lots of questions about Xmas that maybe we tend to forget while we are opening presents and eating loads of chocolate.

For example, here are some Christmas traditions that are explained in the video below…

History of Christmas

  • Why is Christmas on December 25th (in the UK)?
  • Who was Saint Nicholas and where was he from?
  • Why do we traditionally eat turkey for Xmas dinner?
  • Who invented all the names for Santa's reindeer?
  • Why do we have Christmas trees? I mean, who ever thought that it would be a good idea to bring a tree inside a house?
  • Why do we send Christmas cards?
  • Is it true that Coca-Cola turned Santa Claus' clothes from green to red?
  • Was Rudolph the red-nose reindeer real?


The History of Christmas


 The lovely video will put you in the Xmas spirit! 🙂          


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