Take notice: Borough Market Needs You!

What does a gorilla national park in the Congo, the island of Madagascar and London’s Borough Market have in common? According to travel experts this week, all of them are listed as being endangered destinations!

Why Borough Market

Although it is not as famous as its counterparts such as Camden or Portabello Road, Borough Market is well-known to Londoners as being a food market. Situated very close to London Bridge, it attracts over 4.5million visitors every year. However, most are actually the cause of the problem. The majority are tourists – taking photos rather than spending money; therefore they just take it easy, eat the free samples and deter real customers wanting to buy food. As a result, a lot of food sellers are considering not taking part in the market anymore and going somewhere else. On top of that, a railway redevelopment project is currently taking place and destroying the historical look of the area.

Borough Market Information

Before it’s too late, you can take advantage of what this outdoor market has to offer on Thursdays, 11am – 5pm, Fridays 12pm – 6pm and Saturdays 8am – 5pm. They sell are kinds of natural fresh food from their stalls, such as seafood, different kinds of meat, fruit and vegetables, traditional bread and pies, different varieties of olives and cheese, and much more. Generally, they sell things which you wouldn’t normally find in your local supermarket.

My Borough Market Experience

The last time I went to Borough Market, I had a wonderful and relaxing time. As soon as you enter the area, you can smell all the different mix of food in the air. I took my time looking around, ate fresh oysters, selected some nice cheese, bread and olives, sat down by the nearby church for lunch, and took in all the historical and cultured atmosphere of the market. On the downside, there were lots of tourists just hovering around stalls, making it overcrowded.

Buy from Borough Market

I’ve always considered Borough Market to be part of the ‘big four’ markets representing all parts of London: Camden for the North, Portabello Road for the West, Spitalfields for the East, and Borough for the South. Initially, the idea of it being endangered was impossible but now taking it seriously, it would be strange to think that this landmark of London would no longer be around. You do take these things for granted. So next time you have a free afternoon on the weekend, please take a look around there…and more importantly, buy something!

Phrases with TAKE

Take notice
listen to something and then do it
Take photos
(collocation) not make photos
Take in
to understand/accept something
Take it easy
to relax
Take part
to be involved in
Take place
where something happened
Take advantage
to do something when you have the opportunity
Take for granted
to do/not do something when you always have the opportunity
Take a look
look at something
Take time
to do something without rushing
Take seriously
to do something in a serious way

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