Summer Socials

Hi there, Wow, this month has been extremely busy! We’ve had so many students, which is fantastic! We’ve had such busy summer socials also! Some fantastic activities which all the students seem to be enjoying as the number of students joining in on the famous SGI Social Programme are phenomenal!

Summer Socials in July

DRINKS As usual, we’ve been heading to the pub for a drink on Mondays, letting the new students settle in and meet all the other students. Pimms is a great British summer drink to try at the pub! GUIDED WALKS & THEATRE TRIPS Owen has been doing his walks and Theatre trips which included wonderful walks around the Royal Gardens and Under the Bridges. Some fantastic theatre trips to see Mouse Trap, Stomp and even a trip to Regents PArk Outdoor theatre to see The Sound of Music. MUSEUMS & GALLERIES We’ve also been going to some museums and art galleries which are free here in London! DANCING CLASS Salsa still seems to be a firm favourite here, I’ve been told Jon’s dancing skills are continuously improving! FAMOUS MARKETS We’ve also been going to the famous markets here in London, with the most recent being Camden Market. Maria took a great photo of everyone!

Social Programme Photo Competition – Win a week of free English Lessons

Student Photo Competition Free English LessonsThere is a fantastic competition here at SGI!!! We’re after the best Social Programme photo – the winner will win a FREE ENGLISH CLASSES WEEK!!! So start snapping away with your cameras and smartphones!!! Send all your pictures to  You could be the lucky winner!  Don’t be shy, have a try! 🙂 Have a great weekend and enjoy your time here in wonderful London.

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