Student Testimonial: Walida from Algeria

What a wonderful time spent at SGI School!!!
I’ve just looked at my pictures; a lot of memories came out from the last three summers: 2009, 2010 & 2011.
What I was looking for when I joined SGI was to improve my English which I believe I did summer after summer. Of course this couldn’t happen without my great teachers: Gavin, Amy, Bren & Owen.

The classes went beyond the classical English course, I learned about British culture, politics, history & royalty which is an added-value for me always seeking to learn more and more about the British society.

One of my first teachers was Bren who has provided me with a lot of support over the years. His help has continued beyond the class. So after going back home, whenever I have a question, he would always get back to me. He also writes very interesting articles about various subjects and publishes them onto SGI website. His articles are very educational, captivating and easy to read.

This summer the camera from all over the world were turned to London. I had the “chance” if I could say to be there while two major events occurred: the sad loss of Amy Winhouse and the riots. During our classes Amy & Owen brought us with articles from the newspapers, so we could address these subjects and discuss them between classmates and teachers. I like this kind of activities because it brought me with the different point of view of my classmates, each one of them giving examples of what’s happening in their countries. It’s an enriching experience as I learned more about each other which sometimes ends up with friendships.

What characterizes most SGI is its social program. Owen’s tours with Jessie “a cute & a perfectly hair dressed poodle” were amazing. Apart from being an excellent teacher, Owen is a certified tour guide, he knows London very well. I’ve been to four tours: Soho, the city centre, London parks & under the bridges; it was captivating & full of history.

My last class with my teacher Amy was different from all the others. All together; classmates and Amy left our class room and walked to the science fiction exhibition at the British library.
It was a sunny day; while walking I was sun bathing and talking with my classmate “Caroline”, a very nice French girl!!
The exhibit was about the history of science fiction since its appearance till today. A lot of books and movies were shown as reference.
I think that this exhibition was a good start for me to get interested in science fiction however don’t expect from me to rush at the next science fiction movie!!

SGI School isn’t SGI School without its “Summer Party”. This year the party was held in a PUB at the Thames bank. The atmosphere was festive as a lot of teachers and students were present. I had fun listening to music, having a free drink, playing games and answering the quiz. The view on the bank was amazing especially at sunset and in the evening. The party was a success, who knows what will be next “Summer Party” venue!!!

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