Student Testimonial: Sara de Maio from Geneva

During my summer holidays in 2009 and 2010, I came twice in London  in order to keep my English level up by following intensive courses (I had, if my memory is right, two courses the morning and one during the early afternoon). That is to say to practice, to speak, to not lose my fluency (or fluidity – maybe this word is more appropriate because I’m not a perfect English speaker yet, but still working on it ☺). The SGI school satisfied quite a lot my expectations. Well-sized (neither too small or too big) groups, humane teachers (hello Bren, Jenny and Melissa) and staff, interesting lesson topics (I learned many things actually, especially in architecture and cinema), a lot of discussions: that’s what I wanted and what I found. Besides that, the city is wonderful, student houses are comfortable and well-located, the SGI program events are varied, museums are fantastic, vegetarian restaurants are divine, clubs are for all tastes, if you like electronic music you should try Fabric, definitely. My only deception was that young londoners are hardly socializing with foreign students, we tried though! Even if I came to London to study -I would have never missed one course, for SGI’ sake – I always had the feeling that I was having fun. SGI, what else?

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