Student Testimonial: Katya Dilchovska from Bulgaria

My SGI story first began in 2009 when I attended the school for the first time. I was only 16 and very worried of leaving my country alone for the first time. This is when my kind and friendly teachers helped me adjust to the London life easier. The atmosphere at school was so friendly and welcoming that I understood right away that there was nothing to worry about. Since then, I go to SGI every summer and everytime is better! Being at SGI three years in a row, the first two years for three weeks, last for two, I changed many SGI teachers. I find every single one of them a real proffessional, everyone was capable of making the classes interesting and they all taught me a great deal of new things which I use every day. First year I had Ed, Natalie, Sonia, Roger, and Adrian. Ed was very funny, he used to tell us interesting stories from his own expirience and I always enjoyed his classes. Natalie, his cousin, was one of my all-time favourite teachers. She was able to explain everything so easy that you learn with no efforts. Sonia and Roger were the perfect team. They both used a wide range of teaching methods, we played a lot of games in their classes and had a lot of fun. The second year I had Ed, Owen, Andy and Barney. Owen, I think, is also one of the best teachers at the school. He is a really great teacher. He is always willing to help students with everything and his walking tours are god features of the Social Programme. He also arranges the theatre nights which I really enjoyed. Barney helped me improve my speaking a lot. He has a great sense of humour, he is very communicative and friendly. This year my teachers were Steve, Keeva, Lynette and Neil. This year I had an IELTS preparation course which isn’t as interesting as the general English classes, but all of the teachers helped me improve my English and because of them I was able to reach a very high mark in IELTS. SGI is the perfect place to learn English. The teachers and the atmosphere help you learn while having a lovely time and enjoy every minute of studying. The school provides a very high qualiity of teaching. I broadened my English knowledge which helped me gain successful results for the exams at my city. At SGI I met a lot of different people from all over the world and now I still keep in touch with some of them. I actually met one of my best friends there. Some of my best memories are from SGI, I really recomend it to everyone who wants to study English in London. SGI Is the best place to do it. Students have the opportunity to learn English with the professional teachers in central London and they are also able to get to know different cultures and customs while meeting the other students. The school has a very interesting and useful Social Programme with a big variety of activities- from football in the biggest London parks, to traditional English tea party. Attending the events of the Social Programme is a perfect way to feel the English atmosphere and learn more about the country. It is also a good way of meeting the rest of the students and make friends! London will always be my favourite city which I really really love and SGI will always be my favourite school and with the respect and graditute to all of the great staff, I deeply hope to come back some day.

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