Student Social Programme Events this week

To start off the New Year, this week we have another selection of great events around London.

Each student social programme event is hosted by one of our English teachers, so you have an extra (and free) opportunity to speak personally with one of your teachers and increase your ‘English speaking time’ even after your lessons have finished for the day.

Of course, you can speak to your new friends and classmates on the social programme (in English!) as you go around the city. Practice makes perfect! And here’s a little secret for you: the teachers often notice that the students who take part in the social programme almost every day always seem to make big improvements in the general level of English.

Student Social Programme this week

Monday 5th Jan: Welcome Drinks

Meet teacher Ben outside the school entrance at 3:15 to go for coffee and cakes

Tuesday 6th Jan: Jack the Ripper Guided Walk

SGI’s very own qualified London tour guide (and teacher) Owen, will take you around the streets of East London to tell you all the scary stories about the famous Victorian killer, Jack the Ripper. Meet Owen (and his little dog, Jess) outside the school at 3:15pm

Tuesday 6th Jan: The Woman in Black Theatre trip

One of London’s most popular plays at the moment is this scary story about a haunted house by the sea. The language is simple and clear and is ok to understand if you are an Intermediate student of English or higher. Tickets for these very good seats are £21. You need to sign your name at the list in reception if you want to go on this trip. On Tuesday night, meet Owen in front of the school at 7pm.

Wednesday 7th Jan: The British Museum

Most of our students say that this is the best museum in London. It’s only 10 minutes walk from the school along Oxford Street and it really has got some of the most amazing treasures from around the world to look at, as well as an incredible building. Meet outside the school entrance at 3:15pm.

Thursday 8th Jan: Madame Tussaud’s Waxwork Museum

Have your picture taken with David Beckham, The Queen, Lady GaGa, Captain Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio at this top London tourist attraction. Meet at the school entrance at 3:15pm

Friday 9th Jan: Tiger Tiger Club Night

From 10pm to 3am, you can dance your socks off at Tiger Tiger in the heart of the city’s West End. This is a night specially organised for foreign students in London. You can NOT wear trainers and you must be over 18 years old to get in… and yes, they do check your I.D. at the door. Tickets are £6 from school reception or £10 if you pay at the door on the night.

Weekend Excursions: Around Britain

Go off to see other beautiful places around the UK with Anderson Excursions. Do you want to see Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Stonehenge etc? Then go to reception and ask for details about the weekend trips.

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