Student Halloween Party in London

This year the SGI Halloween party for students was at Zebrano Bar in Greek Street in Soho. Soho is the famous party district of London which is just on the other side of Oxford Street to the school (Saint George International is in the Fitzrovia district, which is on the north side of Oxford Street)

It was a great club venue for a frighteningly good night over the Halloween weekend. (By the way, if you want to revise your Halloween scary vocabulary, check out Halloween words videos HERE)

Of course, as with everything on the SGI social programme, the event was hosted by our lovely English teachers.

You can see some of the teachers in their spooky costumes and make-up in the picture.

Unfortunately, the person taking photos with the SGI iPhone dropped it = broken! Oooops!

So, we don’t have any more pictures to show you!  

However, you can probably imagine that with the Happy Hour and free drinks from SGI the students had an excellent time.

In fact, when the dance music kicked into action, there were some pretty scary dance moves on display from students and teachers alike!  🙂

There might have even been some dancing that was so bad that the zombies and undead who were roaming the streets of London for October 31st probably thought twice about taking a bite out of someone who looked even worse than them!


You can join in the party at SGI over the New Year.

We have a special English course from Monday December 29th to Friday Jan 2nd. This means that you can see in the New Year in one of the best places on the planet to do so.

Can you imagine hearing Big Ben strike 12 at midnight and then seeing a world class fireworks show?

PLEASE CLICK HERE for more details of this once-in-a-lifetime English course experience and see all the different daily social programme events we have lined up for you over the Christmas period.


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