Steve Jobs talks about the future

Steve Jobs made a dramatic appearance in San Fransisco to launch the iPad 2 last week. Despite rumours of being seriously ill, the inspirational CEO came back from indefinite sick leave to give a charismatic presentation of Apple’s latest product. 28_Steve Jobs He boasted that the original iPad was ‘magical’ and that Apple had sold just under 15 million units since launching in 2010. He said that the ‘all new design’ for the iPad 2 will leave any competitors trailing in its wake. The new device comes preloaded with a new app called photo booth (for taking pictures of yourself) and users will also be able to video call friends using Apple Facetime, who also have either an iPad 2, an iPhone 4 or the latest iPod touch, The iPad 2 is going to be 1/3 thinner than the original device and is even going to be lighter at just 1.3lbs. It’s also appearing in white for the first time, as well as the iconic black. Despite the enhancements, the new version will be 33% thinner. Surprisingly, it will be even slimmer (8.8mm) than the already very slim iPhone 4.

The software operating system is being updated while a number of new Apps have been unveiled to do with movie editing and uploading video to the internet. It will also allow users to touch and play virtual instruments including the grand piano, drums and guitar….Great for all you budding musicians out there, who can’t be bothered to learn how to play an instrument properly! The iPad 2 will be running off the latest Apple operating system, iOS 4.3. Steve Jobs said that Apple has installed a brand new chip inside the iPad 2, which makes the device run up to twice as fast as the first iPad. The new chip will also make graphics load up to nine times faster than the original model. If you want to get your hands on an iPad 2, the cheapest model will be available from around £400. The new version is arriving in stores in the USA from March 11, but it won’t be available in the UK until 25th March.

Expression of Future Time

Will + infinitive He will arrive tomorrow
Be going to + infinitive He is going to arrive tomorrow
Present progressive He is arriving tomorrow
Simple present He arrives tomorrow
Will + Progressive infinitive He will be arriving tomorrow


sth that lasts for an unknown period of time, usually a long time
sb who has a lot of charm and inspires devotion in others
Trailing in sth wake
to be left far behind
a person or thing that is a representative symbol of something
synonym for improvements
sb who shows signs of promise in a particular field
sth that is shown in public for the first time (like a new bride at the end of a wedding)
To get your hands on sth
to have something, commonly used when talking about something new and desirable

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