Sport = Patriotism: Improve listening skills with Olympic pod 6

Improve listening skills and broaden your English vocabulary by checking out our short discussion about the Olympics. These Olympic podcasts are mini-me’s of their big brother, The Natural Conversation: Real & Relevant podcasts. In those unscripted discussions you get longer conversations between 2 or more native speaker English teachers: A really great way to work on your listening skills if you don’t normally get the chance to interact with native speakers. Today, native speaker and teacher Bren talks to student Zsuzsanna about whether sporting achievement makes you patriotic or not.

OLYMPIC POD SUBJECT: Sporting achievement makes you patriotic


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Olympic Word of the Day

1. Olympomania
2. Bonkers
3. Unbelievable
4. Farcical
5. Relief

The cheesiest song ever about sporting achievement – A guilty pleasure… Here, it’s a good listening skills activity because it comes with the lyrics…. so that you can learn the words and sing them in the shower!!! 🙂

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