Speak English like a native speaker watching the World Cup

Lots of big teams have already flown home from the World Cup (Spain, Italy, Uruguay, Portugal, Ghana and England… is England a big team???). However, the football matches are still extremely popular around London with every pub, restaurant and cafe with a television being packed for every match. To join in properly with an English crowd, you need to know exactly what to say in English at the right moment. The 3 short films below (4, 5 and 6) show you how to speak English like a native speaker for special moments in football. Of course, for maximum 100% true British effect, you should shout these phrases like if you were in a crowd at Wembley Stadium, or in a crowded London pub with a lively atmosphere.

Speak English like a native speaker

Native Speaker English for the World Cup 4

Speak English like a British football fan 5

How to speak English for the World Cup 6

3 steps to Speak English like a Native Speaker while watching the World Cup

1. Watch the videos and learn the vocabulary 2. Practise the phrases out loud – really loud – SHOUT! 🙂 3. Come to London, practise with the crowds watching football in every London pub and copy those accents     There is still time to enjoy the semi-finals and final in London if you can make it to the UK in July, for SGI summer school. It will be a summer that will last forever in the memory.   CLICK HERE for the other videos in this World Cup series

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