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I’ve been trying to think of something to write about for a blog, but I haven’t got any ideas at the moment. However, some of my students from different classes have been making a lot of mistakes recently with “some + any”. So, would you like to read some example sentences using these two words? If you don’t want to read a blog on grammar right now, you could read any other SGI blog and it will still help you improve your English.

SOME – this means a small amount (positive sentence) ANY – this means ‘zero’ (negative sentence)
I bought some bread I’ve got to buy some new batteries I didn’t buy any bread We haven’t got any homework today!


(Most questions use ‘any’) Have you got any brothers and sisters? Is there any pizza left? Is there any more news about Berlusconi? (But if you offer sth to sb, you use ‘some’) Would you like some coffee? (If you ask somebody to do something for you, use ‘some’) Could you lend me some money? (If you expect the answer to be ‘yes’, then you use ‘some’) Are you waiting for somebody? NOT …waiting for anybody?


“Tell us a story” “What kind of story” “Any!” “What time should I get there?” “Any time. Come whenever you want”


We use ‘any’ after if, even when we think the answer will be ‘yes’ If you have any questions, just write back and let me know. Let me know if you need anything. If there is anyone who wants to go on the SGI theatre trip, they must sign their name at reception on Monday. So, if you don’t understand anything after reading the sentences, just leave me a message below. Perhaps I have forgotten something about this grammar issue and I need to write some more sentences. Anyway, I haven’t got any more time to write now – I’ve got to go and teach a lesson on ‘Some vs Any”!!! I hope that this blog has been of some help to you!

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