Soho Walk, Afternoon Tea and Wicked!

Hi Everyone, How is everyone finding the weather here in London? It's definitely getting much colder now, apparently it's going to snow in the next few weeks! I cant wait – I love wintertime! It's been another very exciting week here at SGI with lots of great socials. On monday Jemma and David took the students to the local for a drink. Jemma told me  there was a bet about which language is most spoken in the world. Frederic said mandarin, Irena said Spanish. They shook on it and then Jemma looked it up to find the winner. Irena lost – there are almost twice the amount of mandarin speakers than Spanish!! English is third!

IMG_8479 On tuesday Jemma was a social butterfly and joined Owen on his Soho walk. This is what she told me about the walk;  ' It was incredibly cold and the sun went down early as we were walking through Soho. The walk was very interesting, as we went from busy Oxford Street, through Soho, the old red light district which is now full of media companies and also lots of bars and pubs, then on to Whitehall past the end of the street where Buckingham palace is, and where the Prime Minister lives, then we finished by Big Ben and heard the bell chime 5pm. Despite the cold, everyone said they had a great time. :-)' It seems they all had a great time! On wednesday Dave took 10 students to Afternoon Tea at Browns in central London. Many students didn't know what to expect as we ( the British) do not have a great reputation with our food but it seemed the student enjoyed it – my french students had seconds as he enjoyed it that much! Fantastic! I do love a good brew! On thursday the students were in for a treat, as Owen managed to get them great tickets to see "The Phantom of the Opera'. My students who went told me it was absolutely fantastic but unfortunately couldn't understand a great deal. However they absolutely loved the show! On friday the club night was Cafe de Paris. If you went, I hope you had a great time!

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