Social Programme – Pub, Boat trip & Pies

Hi there, me again to update you on all the fantastic events my students got up to this week! So on Monday Jemma and Jon took the students to the pub. There was a big crowd and they told me that they spoke about anything and everything. The mainly spoke about living in London and how it compares to their own cities!

We had originally planned to go to the park however due to the weather they had to change their plans and in true Brit style they headed to the pub instead. No it wasn’t raining, but it was a little chilly. Tuesday was a boat trip with Nicky, but as so many students wanted to come Jon helped out and went along! There were over 20 students despite it being quite chilly! The boat trip started at Westminster by Big Ben and they sailed down to Tower Bridge! I was told that it was great fun and that they all enjoyed the views of London.                                                                                                         On Wednesday, Owen took the students to a musical called ‘ A Chorus Line’. It is about eighteen dancers who  all  want to get the job in the big new show, however there are only 8 spaces.  They got great seats for only £21 – an absolute bargain!! As I’ve never seen this musical I asked my students for feedback and although they enjoyed the show they said they kind of expected more. They told me the dancing was absolutely fantastic however the costumes were not as glamorous as they had expected! Overall they said they had an entertaining night! Thursday was a busy day with two events, yes two! It’s summer time now so the social programme is getting busier! The afternoon started off with Owen’s fantastic ‘ Royal Gardens Walking Tour’. This is one walk I have yet to experience ( I’ve been on many but not this one). Feedback from the students was as usual all great! They walked through the Royal Gardens of London, saw Buckingham Palace and learnt lots of fun facts about the Royal Family from Owen. In the evening we had a ‘Pie Night’ at the Newman Arms – a very well known Pub in central London which specialises in Pies. Hannah and  students and  had a great time at Newman's Arms. We had pie and ale and students were happy with the standard of English food! The puff pastry pie was the most popular but some students tried the suet pudding as well and were impressed with the flavour. Mario was intrigued by the dessert 'Spotted Dick' – a steamed sponge cake dotted with raisins, but then opted for the most popular dessert 'Sticky Toffee Pudding' instead. We were all so full afterwards, it was a great night! Tonight is the Opening Summer Party in Pacha night club. I know a lot of students are heading there as we sold out of tickets (yes they were free before 12). Everyone loves a freebie! If you’re heading there tonight have a great night. If not why not try one of the amazing restaurant/ bar/ cafes that London has to offer! The world is your Oyster after all! Next week the Social event has some great new events which I hope you will all attend, remember it’s a great way to improve your English whilst making new friends! Have a lovely weekend!   Danielle  🙂

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