Social Media vocabulary: HTML 5

Useful Social Media vocabulary is highlighted and explained in this text about the new HTML 5 that is improving the internet. You can also answer a couple of questions by leaving your opinion inthe comments section.     You may not know but the internet is changing. It is getting better and easier to use. Why? Thanks to HTML 5. HTML is the language of the internet.  Programmers use it to make websites. If you have a blog you may have seen HTML. Most of us just type in text and click and choose what we want it to look like but programmers use HTML code. If you have ever embedded a YouTube video you have probably seen and used HTML to do it. HTML was invented a long time ago before blogs, video-sharing and other Social Media. It did not support audio and video. So, a company made FLASH which is used on YouTube, lots of other video and animation sites. If you have an iPad or iPhone you probably know that you cannot use Flash. Why? Because Steve Jobs didn’t like it. Nowadays, we like to use lots of videos, MP3 files and other widgets on our blogs and websites….basically all social media. But because HTML doesn’t support them we need to download ‘plug-ins’ or ‘players’. This is very time consuming and it doesn’t always work. It also makes websites slow because you may have lots of them and they all need to download at the same time. HTML 5 is a dream come true. It supports videos and audio so you don’t need to use all the other ‘add-ons’. This means faster and more reliable websites that shouldn’t crash. HTML 5 isn’t finished yet but many companies have already started to use it. They have been changing their websites to HTML 5. This is brilliant news for iPad and iPhone users.  They will be able to use every website.   [poll id="44"]  

Social Media Vocabulary

Hypertext Markup Language 5. The latest version of the main computer language for making web pages
A weB LOG. A small website for people to write anything they want on a regular basis.
Put inside something else like you embed a YouTube video into your blog.
Social Media
Web sites for people to interact like Facebook and Twitter.
To support something
To be compatible with it like HTML now supports video
A small application that can be used on another blog or website
A small application that improves others like a plug-in to let you view videos on another site.
An application that lets you watch or listen to a file like Windows Media Player
Extra applications
To crash
When a website, blog, widget, plug-in or application stops working


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