Social Activities – End of August

Hi there, This Monday was a Bank Holiday which unfortunately meant that there was no social activity after school. I hope you all managed to find something fun to do – after all school finished at 12.45pm. I had a lovely day off and went to The Notting Hill carnival and had a fantastic time watching the parade and eating delicious food! On Tuesday Dan and Melissa took quite a few students to the pub and they drank and chatted for quite a while apparently! On Wednesday Hannah took the students to one of the most famous markets in the world – can you guess- yes Camden Town she told me ' The students really liked Camden Market on Wednesday. Ayako and Misako thought that the fashion in Camden is similar to fashion in Harajuku in Japan!  It was a busy day at the market and many students went for crepes at the food section.' Hannah also took a great picture.   On Thursday Owen took a handful of students around Soho for a walking tour. Owen does a walking tour every week – an activity which shouldn't be missed. All his walks are absolutely brilliant. On Friday you were all spoilt for choice as there were two options for the Theatre. Some students went to see "The Bodyguard" and some students went to Shakespeare's Globe to see  "A midsummer night's dream ". I hope you all had a great time! Next week there are some fab activities coming up…. including a night out at a great restaurant. Hope you have a great weekend, Danielle

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