Sherlock Holmes lives again!!!

The famous literary character, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887, will soon rise again in the latest Sherlock Holmes novel. After the popular film adaptation by Guy Ritchie and the BBC series Young Sherlock, the Conan Doyle estate has given their full endorsement for the new novel, which has been penned in the style of the original stories by Anthony Horowitz. SherlockHolmes The TV writer and extremely successful children’s author of the Alex Rider series, has been a lifelong fan of the world’s greatest detective and he said that, “I have tried to be very, very careful (with the character). I really do admire these stories and I would not want to take any liberties. I simply couldn’t resist this opportunity to write a brand new adventure for this iconic figure and my aim is to produce a first rate mystery for a modern audience, while remaining absolutely true to the spirit of the original” The new book is set in 1890, a year after the death of Holmes and is written by his sidekick, Dr.Watson, who is now living in a retirement home. The prologue states that the story was “too monstrous” to be revealed during Holmes’ lifetime and is “so appallingly shocking, that it is no exaggeration to say it could tear apart the very fabric of society.” The publishers, Orion, have called the new 85,000 word novel “stunning” and that it has “all the quality of the original but with a much more modern pace and sensibility.” Unfortunately for all the Sherlock Holmes fans around the world, it won’t be available until November 1st. If you’re a super-Sherlock Holmes fan and you can’t wait until then to get your fix, then you can always come to SGI for the summer and go along to the detective’s famous residence at 221b Baker Street on one of the legendary SGI Social Programme trips.

Sherlock Holmes GLOSSARY

To rise again
to live again
To give endorsement
to fully support sth in public
To be penned
to be written
To take liberties
to behave in an incorrect way
To not resist sth
to not be able to fight/struggle against sth
another word for legendary or very famous
First rate
very, very good
To remain true to sth
to do sth from the past in the same way, usually because the old thing is very good
a person’s assistant. Normally the assistant has less power/authority
To tear apart
to destroy
Fabric of society
the essential structure of society
fantastic, incredible, amazing, marvelous, remarkable, extraordinary, etc
sensitivity, taste, feeling, moral sense
To get a fix of sth
to have sth like an addict needs their drug. Example: She needs her daily fix of soap operas on TV

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