SGI staff speak the lanaguages of the world

Saint George International is where the world comes to learn English.

We welcome all nationalities and over the history of SGI since 1962, there are not many nations left on the planet that have not sent a student to improve English skills in London with the SGI teachers. And why wouldn’t they? A British government inspection team officially rated the English teaching at the school as ‘outstanding’ and ‘excellent’.

The atmosphere among the students is always great and it’s a global family all speaking English together. You can experience this learning environment every day in all of our different English courses and also, of course on the daily student social programme around London’s highlights.


But did you know that the staff at SGI speak many languages between them?

Take a look at this list of the world’s languages spoken by current SGI office staff and teachers.

Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Swedish, Finnish, Malagasy, Greek and Hebrew.

OK, so it’s not ALL the languages of the world, but we can definitely say that a large percentage of the world population is covered by the language skills of people available to speak to you on the phone at SGI London.

World Languages spoken by SGI London English School staff

Native speakers in millions

% of world population SGI Staff Member
Italian 64 0.96 Gabriele, Melissa
Spanish 405 6.15 Ben, Gabriele,
French 74 1.12 Linda, Tommi
German 89 1.39 Tommi
Portuguese 215 3.27 Max
Russian 155 2.33 Melissa
Turkish 63 0.95 Lynette
Japanese 125 1.90 David, Jessica, Simon
Mandarin 955 14.4 Huwie, Simon
Malay 77 1.16 Huwie
Cantonese 59 0.89 Huwie, Simon
Polish 40 0.61 Steve
Slovenian 2.5 0.04 Nina, Marija
Croatian 5.5 0.08 Marija
Serbian 10 0.15 Marija
Swedish 8.7 0.13 Daniel
Finnish 5 0.07 Tommi
Hebrew 5.3 0.07 Mark, Joanne
Malagasy 18 0.28 Linda
Greek 12 0.17 Soteria

If you are a future student or an overseas language agent and would like to ask a question or book a course by speaking to someone in your mother-tongue language, then you can:

Call the SGI office on 0044 207 299 1700

…. and ask to speak to the person listed in the table above.

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