SGI English School’s staff – Joanne

Joanne's the office manager for SGI English school, which means that she oversees that everything works for us to deliver the best English courses in London.


She is in charge of all the budgets, which can mean anything from authorising new English textbooks for the students, ordering new ink toner for the school printers and making sure that there are enough pens and notepads to go into the student's welcome pack. It's all the little details that count to make Saint George International run effectively without any problems. Joanne also controls all the finances, meaning that teachers and office staff get paid on time at the end of every month and also that everyone has completed correct payments for their English courses. Normally, that is a difficult enough to do, but that can be a HUGE task in the summer when there are hundreds of students from all over the world in the school. Joanne can be quiet, but likes to laugh at Max's (the school director) funny comments… and her rules are THE rules! 🙂 Find out more about Joanne in her video…  

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