SGI English School London is outstanding – that’s official!!!

Two UK Government inspectors  from an organisation that make official inspections of English schools in the UK came and examined all aspects of SGI English school London.

Everything was under examination from the quality of the teachers and English lessons, through to the standards of the toilets. We are proud to announce that SGI London passed the tough test with flying colours!

Below you can read the inspectors’ comments on our teachers AND students.


Under the heading of THE QUALITY OF CURRICULUM, TEACHING AND LEARNERS’ ACHIEVEMENTS, this is what was written in the official report about the SGI teachers:

Teaching is good or outstanding with high levels of student participation and ownership of learning. Teachers are well qualified and demonstrate outstanding subject knowledge.

Planning for learning is particularly good and delivery provides high levels of challenge and encouragement for all students. All lessons observed by inspectors achieved well-defined outcomes and demonstrated excellent preparation for meeting students’ needs.

Academic managers seek to inspire a culture of learning among teachers.Several members of staff participate as speakers at teacher conferences. Teachers confirm that the school supports them in developing high level professional skills.

With such incredible comments, we thought that we had to boast about our teaching staff. It is definitely reassuring for students wanting to book a course at SGI that there is a guarantee of teaching excellence to aid your English learning in the best way possible.



The inspectors also sought the independent opinion of our current students and found that:

The school’s quality procedures are excellent. Student views are regularly sought through surveys and focus groups.

Students are extremely satisfied with their courses and the support provided. Assessment is thorough and effective in supporting progress.

Attainment is consistently high in external examinations and in non-examined courses. Progression from the University Foundation course into UK higher education institutions is outstanding.

Pastoral support is excellent and provided by staff in all departments. Support for students progressing on to higher education or work in the UK is exceptional.    

So, when we say say on our website that we are the best English school in London, it appears that we were telling the truth! And that’s official!  🙂    

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