SGI English school is in the heart of London fashion

There are LOTS of cool shops in London where you can find thousands of items that you can’t buy anywhere else in the world. SGI English school is in the heart of London fashion because it is surrounded by some of the most famous and important clothes shops in the world. If you love clothes, trends and fashion, as soon as you finish your English lessons for the day, you are just minutes away from some of the coolest fashion shops that the coolest capital city in the world has to offer. Topshop is world famous for being the trendiest shop around. If you are older than late 20s, then you may as well forget trying to wear some of the clothes they have on offer here! 🙂 As you can see from the short videos below, the maps show you that SGI English school is right by Oxford Circus Underground station (about 4 – 5 minutes walk away) and that some of the biggest flagship stores are located right there. (FLAGSHIP STORE means the biggest and best shop for that brand where they have all the best items and the most stuff for sale).

SGI English school in the heart of London fashion

TOPSHOP – 4 minutes from SGI London

NIKE TOWN – 5 minutes from SGI English school

H&M Flagship Store – 3 minutes walk away after your SGI lessons finish

  For more cool fashion right next to SGI London, click here for more videos   Imagine learning English in the morning with your new friends from all around the world and then going on a crazy shopping trip after lunch. It will be the best summer ever… an SGI summer that will give you memories to last a lifetime!  

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