SGI Easter Event: The Bunny Treasure Hunt

Last week, the Easter Bunny was out with friends in various London Pubs. He was having so much fun with the other bunnies that he lost all his Easter Chocolates Eggs, which he was supposed to deliver on Easter Sunday… The SGI Students came to his rescue and organised a hunt, following clues from pub to pub. Abount 35 students, arranged in 7 chocolate teams, took part in last night's hunt, and, the chocolate eggs were found… It started in front of the school at 5.30pm with the naming of the teams and the team managers: Teams were named as follows: 1. Chocolate Orange 2. Smarties 3. Wispa 4. After Eight 5. Rolo 6. Turbo 7. Penguin 

After sending their managers to the check point to receive maps and clues, the teams set off in different directions. When they found the pub, they identified the Bunny Teachers (Amy, Gavin, Dan, Marja, Charlie & Melissa) who gave them a small challenge – Grammar Quiz, General Knowledge Quiz & Taboo game. If successful, the teams were then given a second set of clues which led them to a second pub, then a third one, and finally, after just an hour of hunting, one very serious & motivated Swiss Chocolate Team – the Rolos, passed the finishing line and were greeted by myself & some refreshments, at the King & Queen's Pub on Cleveland Street. The other chocolate teams quickly followed, and so did the Bunny teachers. I'm glad to say that we retrieved all of the Easter Bunny's Chocolate Eggs, and to thank the fastest teams, he was generous enough to make an early donation. Team Rolo got first Prize… however, the team disappeared after their prompt arrival and a manager of the Swiss Chocolates donated the First Prize to the last team to arrive! Very generous indeed… Results and prizes were therefore as follows: 1: Turbo – 6 boxes of Malteeser Eggs        2: Wispa – 4 Tablets of Brownie Choc       3: After Eight – 1 Box of Celebrations   As an impromptu challenge, one of the teachers mastered a small 5 questions General Knowledge Quiz. And the winner was…. The Penguins! – 1 Tablet of Brownie Choc All in all, everyone was happy to have participated in the hunt, and after all the walking, very glad indeed that refreshments welcomed them at the finishing line… Most of the teams stayed on until around 9pm, and then started scattering off, having had lots of fun. Thank you to all who participated, you made it a great event! (And the Easter Bunny is ever so thankful…) – Not forgetting the teachers who did a great job helping the students navigate the streets of London…! The Next BIG event will be held around the end of June – beginning of July – Looking forward to it already, make sure you book yourself some lessons! See you then!


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