SGI Christmas Drinks, 20th December 2010

A big thank you to all the students who made it, we had a good little crowd and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! We all met downstairs, near the computers and LG5, slight last minute change of plan there, as we were supposed to be in LG10, but the school is so quiet this week, we thought we'd take advantage of that! We had some mulled wine (warm and spiced up), some Buckfizz (an sort of cocktail mixing Champagne and orange juice – do let me know what you thought of that!) On the food side, we had some mince pies, which are very very typical in the UK at this time of year – and some chocolates and sweets, and Quality Streets… All the teachers played their parts wearing their Santa hats and joining in (so thank you to you too!) All this accompanied by a sountrack of Christmas songs… It was a good way of starting the Christmas week, although it was somehow difficult to motivate my students to return to class afterwards! Dinara did mention she wouldn't mind spending the rest of the afternoon in the pub!! The English attitude is obviously rubbing off on some of the SGI students! Oh I should mention the winners of our little games: Olga and Susie both won a very very cute little reindeer which I baptised Rudolf (eventhough he had no red nose…) I'm not quite sure how they're going to share this prize, maybe a few months in Germany followed by Russia? Travelling Reindeer!  Congratulations girls for being so quick on the "Find someone who…" And the second winner of the day, Andrea whose guess was the most accurate in the "Guess how many chocolates in the Xmas stocking": For information, he guessed 60 which was 3 out of the real amount: 57 yummy sweets and chocolates – Good luck with the indigestion Andrea!! So once again, thank you for joining in, I do hope you had fun, I surely did, running to the cafe next door in my Santa hat to get the mulled wine warmed up a few times!! I must have looked a little crazy to passers-by! This is my last post of 2010 (I did say this on Friday but really, this time, this is it!!) Hope to see you next year! Have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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