Salsa dancing, Charlie and the chocolate Factory and Snog Frozen Yogurt!

Hi everyone! This week has been jam packed with lots of different activities for all of the students. On Monday as usual Jemma headed off to the pub for a drink and a natter.

We had a lot of new students this week so quite a busy crowd. When it's 'pub time' on a monday, my students have started calling it 'Pimms O'clock'! Pimms is a popular summer drink that the Brits like to drink. It's definately my choice of drink in the summer – very tasty! On Tuesday Naomi took the students on a 'Jack the Ripper Walk' with out teacher and professional tour guide Owen. They took the tube to Whitechapel where Owen told stories which would freeze your blood. Noami said that the students had a great time on the blood curdling Jack the Ripper tour. Owen and Jess expertly led them round east London where we saw all the places the victims were found whilst seeing the sights of spitalfields and the city too! They also saw a commercial being filmed in the middle of Liverpool street. They didn't think they made the final edit! Wednesday was very busy. It started with myself taking the students to a cool frozen yogurt place called 'Snog'. I absolutely love frozen yogurt and Snog's selection of yogurt flavours and toppings are just delightful! The students seemed to really enjoy it, however we had a few Italian students who weren't as keen. I think Mario still prefers ice cream! Later on in the evening we all went to see ' Charlie and the chocolate Factory!' It was absolutely fantastic, it stayed very true to the original film. It was an enchanting evening – a must see! If you haven't seen the film you should watch the original first before the new one with Jonny Depp!   Thursday night was Salsa night! Jon and Hannah took the students to a bar for a Salsa lesson. Hannah told me that Jon's Salsa skills were pretty good! Bruna danced with the Salsa teacher and Mario also gave it a go! Not all students joined in with the dancing, some prefered to just watch. Everybody seemed to have had a great time – so I think we'll be going to Salsa again soon!

Tonight is club night in Tiger Tiger, if you're heading there hope you have a good time! Have a lovely weekened! Danielle 🙂

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