R&R 37: Best food ever – English conversation podcast

An English conversation podcast with two native English speakers in a real and relevant way. This is normal discussion like you could hear in London. We just talk – we don’t decide beforehand what we will say, so this is very different from the planned “conversation” listening exercises from an English textbook. Today’s conversation includes ‘the best food ever’, food allergies and having a ‘sweet tooth’.   IF YOU ARE AN ENGLISH TEACHER AND YOU WANT TO USE THIS IN A LESSON, CLICK HERE FOR A FREE LESSON PLAN THAT INCORPORATES THIS PODCAST English conversation_best food ever     In this conversation, you can hear two mother-tongue British English speakers, Melissa and Bren. Both Bren and Melissa are teachers at SGI English school in London.   SGI-037-Best-food-ever Pod Subject: Best food ever & food allergies Pod People: Melissa & Bren   What do you think? What is the best food that you have ever tasted? Let us know in the comments section below.       You may also like Melissa’s other podcasts…

Melissa’s Podcasts

1. Men vs Women WITH FULL TRANSCRIPTION 2. English stereotypes 3. Shakespeare, my hero 4. Things you miss about England 5. Books & literature 6. Film, best actors, popcorn and crying at the movies     Go to a list of all our podcasts

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