R&R 34: Phone manners in London

Real and relevant (R&R) conversation between two native-speaker English speakers: Nothing is scripted or planned in advance, so this is genuine banter and discussion that you would hear if you lived in London and were taking part in a conversation with two British guys. The topic of today’s conversation is phone manners and how people use their mobiles or tablets all the time.     Josh_Round_Phone manners   In this podcast, we have two English native speakers, Josh and Bren. Josh is the Director of Studies at SGI English school in London and also the Chair of LONDOSA… so he’s kind of a big thing in the TEFL world!   SGI-034-Phone-manners Pod Subject: Phone Manners Pod People: Josh & Bren   We talk about how people use their phones and social media in London. Is the situation the same in your town/city/country?     You may also like….   Josh talking about his love of zombies!     Go to a list of all our podcasts     Go to itunes to DOWNLOAD ALL OUR PODCASTS FOR FREE

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