R&R 31: Scottish accent

Real & Relevant English conversation with native-speakers of English. You can hear the Scottish accent here along with British English. This is a natural conversation between two English teachers, made without any preparation. We haven’t changed the speed that we speak to make it easier for English students to understand. This is real English conversation.       In this podcast, we have Adam and Bren. Adam is an English teacher at the SGI sister school in San Sebastian, Spain: even though their accents are very different, they are both mother-tongue English speakers, so you should try to understand what both are saying.   Pod Subject: Advantages of living in Scotland, including whisky. Pod People: Adam & Bren   Which accent is clearer for you: Scottish or English?     Click below to hear more native-speaker accents…   1. Irish accent 2. Northern accent 3. Colonial Received Pronunciation 4. Received Pronunciation 5. Australian accent     Go to a list of all our podcasts     Go to itunes to DOWNLOAD ALL OUR PODCASTS FOR FREE

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