R&R 29: British Comedy is not ‘Dinner for One’

Real & Relevant English conversation with native-speakers from London, UK.

This is a natural conversation by English teachers about British comedy. Monty Python, Benny Hill, Mr Bean, The Office all get a mention. Plus we even talk about Norman Wisdom and Dinner For One. What do people in the UK like now when they sit down to watch some English comedy? How is it different than the humour that we export to other countries?

In this podcast, you can hear Charlie and Bren, who are SGI English teachers and Mark, who is the school CEO. All the people that you hear are native speakers of British English.


Pod Subject: Comedy in the UK

Pod People: Charlie, Mark & Bren

To hear Mark, Charlie and Bren in another podcast talking about the Royal family, click here

Click below to hear more from Charlie, talking about…

1. Clothes
2. English Gentlemen
3. The Olympics
4. British weather

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