Royal Walk, Thriller, Bowling and Welcome Drinks


On Monday Nicky and Julia took students old and new to the Adam and Eve for a drink and a chat. Mohamed, as usual, was pondering which university he should choose to go to which got the others talking about their PHD’s and degrees. Rachel and Nicky talked fashion while Julia got to know some of the other students better. Tuesday was bowling but it was much quieter this time around so Danielle took an all girls team to the lanes. There was a bit of competition with Danielle winning, but she has informed me that everyone played well with them all managing to get a strike at one point. The girls really enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to next time and being able to beat the boys! ‘Cause it’s a thriller, thriller night! Owen, Matilda and others went along to see the famous musical on Michael Jackson. There was varied feedback with some loving it all, while others loved the dancing but weren’t too keen on the female version of MJ.  Apparently the childhood version of him was great but not many people knew the songs. All in all everyone had a good night out, loved the dancing and enjoyed the greatest hits at the end.
Yesterday Owen and Jonathan took a few students on the ‘Royal Walk’. I’ve been on this with Owen before, it’s really interesting and it makes you realise how green London actually is. They visited the Princess Diana memorial and there was some talk on whether it’s appropriate. They also saw the memorial for the 2005 bombings on the London Transport which is quite sad to see. I hope you all enjoy the early finish today and Monday for the Easter weekend, have a great Easter. See you next week!    

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