Royal Garden Walk, Jersey Boys, Imperial War Museum and Welcome Drinks

This week started off with a game of cards in the pub as well as some general chit chat (in English!) amongst the 20 students that Danielle and I took to the pub. There was typical talk of English weather now that winter seems to have finally arrived as well as discussions on football, (which I might add that has now been added to the social programme for next week – check with reception for spaces).

Owen and Jess took the braver of our students on the lovely Royal Garden Walk despite the slight flurry of snow, although it seemed like a stroll in the park on a springs day for some of tougher Russian students. They visited the Princess Diana memorial fountain that unfortunately was switched off so look quite bleak being a rather large concrete circle. Many couldn’t believe that it had cost £3.5 million to build, and it sparked off a discussion on whether it is a suitable memorial comparing it that of the statue of Prince Albert not too far away.

Wednesday saw Owen taking a select few to the theatre to see Jersey Boys, Owen reported back that it wasn’t his cup of tea but everyone else seemed to enjoy it, as did Chris Evans (the famous radio DJ) who apparently had been to see it the very same night, told his viewers that it worth a watch.

On Thursday Julia took a few students to the Imperial War Museum. There were a couple who wanted to actually drive the tanks but unfortunately for them, it’s not something that they let you do in a museum. The Holocaust exhibition was very interesting as well as being incredibly sad and a lot was learnt about the war, the occupation of Europe and what the Jewish communities had to go through. I have been to see it in the past and can say as depressing as it can be, it is still worth visiting to learn about our history.

That’s me for today. Check out the posters in the classrooms and the e-learning for next weeks events. Have a great weekend.

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