River Cruise, Thriller!, Soho Facts, and Lots of Portraits

After recovering from Friday night's party, some of the students were back at school on Monday, although the school has been a little quieter this week… The end of the summer is approaching, but we still have lots of great stuff on the social programme! On Monday, Hannah & Kevin took a group of about 25-30 students to Westminster Pier, from where they took a river boat to Tower Bridge. On a nice sunny day, it's one of the best ways to see London, a very different view! The staff on the boat kindly explained a few things about the city and its bridges, such as the fact that the current "London Bridge" is actually the 4th "London Bridge": It was burned, destroyed, and it even sank! That time, it was recovered by an American "bridge enthusiast" who shipped the remains to America and turned it into a tourist attraction! I bet you didn't know that! The boat was packed, but the group was lucky enough to find seats, and they had a lovely little cruise, at a discounted rate thanks to their SGI student cards… On Tuesday, Owen accompanied the students down to Shaftesbury Avenue, and thanks to Owen Theatre contacts, the students were able to enjoy Thriller! The musical for £16!! They really enjoyed it! 6 different actors, including one woman, play Michael Jackson, all through his life. It is more a concert in his honour than a play, as there isn't a storyline, but I'm sure you can remember Michael's great music videos… Who needs a story! Plus, you don't really need a particular level of English to enjoy it! They had a great time.           On Wednesday, it was Owen again, accompanied by Gavin, taking the lead of a group of around 30 people to walk around Soho and down to Parliament Square. Soho is known as the place where you can… visit gay bars, sex shops and buy other "alternative" accessories – however, it also has a lot of history and Owen is really knowledgeable. After Soho, the group went down towards Trafalgar and Horse Parade, where an "Olympic practice" Volleyball court was being dismantled, and they ended the tour on Parliament Square, next to  the tents of war protesters (who have been living on the square for a LONG time…)     Finally, on Thursday, Alex and myself went to the National Portrait Gallery with a group of between 10 and 15 students. The gallery is located in the east wing of the building with also holds the National Galleries. 16,000 portraits are apparently on display there (although we didn't count!), paintings, photos, sculptures, from the Kings and Queens to David Beckham's "sleeping" video! We didn't go through the whole place but had a good look at the BP Award exhibition, which is a kind of competition for artists. Lots and lots of really impressive paintings, some which just looked so much like photographs, you had to really look for the brush stroke! Oh and there was an enormous painting of a nudist beach for which the artist  had to visit the location everyday for one month, and approach nudists and ask them to pose for him! That is devotion… Next week we won't be having an event on Monday as it is the August Bank holiday, and although the school is open in the morning, it will close at 1.30pm and you'll just have to entertain yourselves!! but we're back on Tuesday, with lots of good things! Have a lovely weekend and see you next week!  

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