Relief – Word of the Day 5

We are looking at a new word every day that is being used in the British media about the Olympics. You can see a translation, example sentence and definition. Then read a short article containing the word and its common phrases. Plus learn a few more bits of vocabulary that a re written in bold and explained in the vocabulary glossary below   Olympic Word of the day No#5 –


  sollievo, alivio, soulagement, kabartma, помощь, 救済, 緩解, допомогу, ulga, ارتياح, megkönnyebbülés, ανακούφιση, рељеф, 구조, תבליט, úľava    


Noun: a feeling of relaxation and reassurance after anxiety or distress Example: It was such a relief to get his exam results and get his place at university    

Olympic Story

What a relief! The goldrush has finally started for the Olympic host nation and Team GB. First it was the rowing pair Helen Glover and Heather Stanning and then the already legendary cyclist, Bradley Wiggins that landed Britiain's first gold medals of these games. There had been some earlier silver and bronzes won by the Brits, but the nation collectively breathed a sigh of relief as we finally came first in an event. Some great chances of placing first had already been wasted, most notably Mark Cavendish in the Road Cycling event, so it was a comfort to finally get the ultimate prize. Team GB management had predicted before the Games that we would collect around 70 medals, but they had already downgraded that estimate to around 60 after the first few days. I'm sure now, everyone is expecting that the floodgates will open and see the gold medals snowball. London 2012 Chairman, Sebastian Coe said that, "Winning is infectious" and that Team GB was now "in full stride". So, people in the UK are hoping that there's plenty more where that came from!  

What's your opinion?

Will the Brits start to win lots of medals now? Is 60 medals too high an estimate?    

Vocabulary Glossary

here – winning lots of sporting events and gold medals being won
to breathe/heave a sigh of relief
to blow out air and make a osund to show that you are suddenly happy again after being worried about sth
sth to waste sth
to have the chance/opportunity to do sth good, but then not to do it, i.e. to miss the chance/dd>
to downgrade sth
to reduce sth to a lower level of grade or importance
the floodgates will open
after a long wait, suddenly it will be possible for sth to happen a lot
to snowball
to increase rapidly in size/importance
here – to quickly influence other people
to be in full stride
to be progressing at a good speed/ moving forward at the best speed
there's plenty more where that came from
there will be more than one occasion where this thing happens, in fact there will be LOTS more


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