Relationships vocabulary: Celebrity breakups

This text is about celebrity breakups – a recurring global news item! Relationships vocabulary is highlighted and explained below. This year a number of famous celebrity couples have broken up. For some of them it’s the first time but for others it isn’t. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were one of the most famous couples in the world. He was a super rich film star and she was a young actress when they met. They seemed to be very happy together and had a large family but things changed. Now they have split up. Tom was married several times before so it’s not the first time he has to get a divorce. For Katie, however, it’s her first marriage. Another famous couple is Johnny Depp and French actress Vanessa Paradis. They have announced they will end their relationship and go their separate ways. But why? Is having a relationship too hard for celebrities? Do they spend too long apart? Do they receive too much attention from the media? Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore also called it quits in 2012. He is a young actor and she is a very famous actress who was previously married to Bruce Willis but they separated many years ago. Some believe it was their different ages that made their relationship difficult because he was a lot younger than her. Like many other celebrity relationships, she also had children from her past marriages. Nobody really knows why celebrity couples decide to break up or file for a divorce. Some say they had differences or that they just drifted apart and no longer feel the same way about each other. Whatever the reasons are, it’s always surprising when it happens. Some couples though manage to patch things up or get back together later on. Whether Tom and Katie, Johnny and Vanessa or Ashton and Demi will rekindle their relationship is unsure but many fans hope they do.  

Relationship phrases


These phrases can be used to explain that 2 people have finished their relationship and are no longer together

  To break up To split up To end a relationship To go their separate ways To call it quits To separate  

These are for when a marriage ends and they want a divorce

  To get a divorce To file for a divorce  

These are other phrases for talking about relationships


To drift apart
  When the 2 people don’t spend much time together and don’t feel close anymore
To patch things up
When 2 people fix their relationship problems and become a couple again
To get back together
When 2 people who were together then split up now become a couple again
To rekindle their relationship
When 2 people who were together start seeingeach other again (usually after a long split


Discussion Questions

  Please leave a comment   Do you think that celebrity couples break up more easily than 'normal people'? Are you surprised when they do? Do they just do it for publicity?    

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