Recent summer socials and ‘The Summer Partyyyyy’

Hey there everyone, The last few weeks have yet again been very busy – it’s buzzing here at SGI! I was away for a week on holiday but Hannah took over for a week and did a fantastic job! She’s filled me in with everything that has been happening. Hannah and Jon have taken students out for dinner – to an amazing restaurant which specialises in Japanese barbecue! Delicious! They’ve also taken them to the pub every Monday. Hannah said that ‘We had a great time at the pub on Monday. Antonio tried to shake off his Italian habits of saying ‘si si si si!’ every sentence but it was a struggle!” Hannah recently took the students for afternoon tea at a great placa called ‘ Brown’ in Covent Garden. Here you can dine like the Queen. They drank traditonal British tea with milk,  ate cucucumber and salmon sandwiches, scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream and also a selection of cakes! The chocolate cake is my favourite by a mile! afternoon tea  Jon also went Salsa dancing with the students ( he’s becoming quite good – apparently ‘intermediate’ level) on a thursday evening. He told me – “We learnt cuban style salsa and then I taught the students a typical british ‘big-fish-little-fish-cardboard-box dance’ which proved somewhat difficult to master. A good time was had by all.”   Owen has been as busy as a bee taking the students on a weekly walk, the most recent being a walk in Camden. My students told me that they really enjoyed themselves! He has also taken them to the theatre every week to see some fantastic shows! The main social activity recently has to be the Summer Party last friday! To celebrate the summer we had our party in a really nice place close to the school! A lot of students, teachers and office staff showed it – it was great fun. Melissa had organsised a fun game for all of us to play “Family Fortunes” which everybody loved. Josh started a conga line which everyone got involved in. We all enjoyed ourselves greatly. Here is a link for you all to see the pictures a big thanks to Melissa and Huwie for taking them…   This monday is a Bank Holiday so there won’t be an activity but on tuesday why not come and join Dan at the pub to get to know the new students or just for a chit chat! Have a great weekend!   Danielle

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