Pub, Wet Walk, Theatre and Tea! Welcome to London!

We've had some very British weather this week, and it really feels like September now! But we've also had some great stuff of the social, and some very British things too… On Monday, Alex and Ben took a group of around 25 to the Adam & Eve, just 5 minutes away from the school. We usually go to the Cock, but a little change doesn't hurt, and it's a very nice, newly refurbished place. The students enjoyed their free drink, and some lingered on after this, and enjoyed the relaxed and warm atmosphere of the British Pub. They're all usually very nice and cosy, carpet on the floors, dark walls, furniture which doesn't match… You can't find a similar atmosphere anywhere in the world! Great place to unwind after a first day at school, when it's cold and rainy outside… On Tuesday, Owen and Alex lead the walking tour around the many green spaces of London, and more specifically, the ones associated with the Royal Family. Tuesday was not a very nice day, it was wet, with low dark clouds, and quite windy (the kind of weather people expect when they come to London!) and the walk lasted a good hour and a half, with no complaints from the students and a "soldier on" attitude. Around 5pm though, it was deemed "really too awful" to continue, everyone was hugging their umbrellas, poor Tilly the dog was looking like a big wet rat, poor thing, and they all decided it was quite enough, and stopped for the day. As I said, very good attitude from everyone confronted to the miserable September  weather, good on you! On Wednesday, it was Owen again leading 19 students to the theatre, where they saw "Betty Blue Eyes", a musical. I had mixed feedback today from the students who attended. Some thought it was good, some thought the music was great, some thought it was difficult to understand, and finally some left at the interval! Owen today told me that indeed, there were quite a few jokes which referred to British history, which would not make much sense to a foreigner, but that the show in itself had been great! Did you see it? What did you think? Finally yesterday, Alex and Kevin went to Brown's, our favourite spot for Traditional Afternoon Tea. Good value, great decor, and just 15 minutes from the school (at a Londoner's pace – 30min for a visitor!). They had about 30 people with them, it's really popular! They were served lots of tea, obviously, called "English Breakfast Tea" along with scones, cakes and cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. No one needed dinner last night! Next week, we'll have another walk, another theatre, a little bowling session and… the pub drinks of course! Join us!

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