Pub, Walk, Science Museum and Shakespeare!!!

This week kicked off with Hannah and myself taking nearly half the school to the pub for a quick drink and a chat. Neil came along with his one to one student and we all sat around discussing the jump from space and how amazing our bodies and science are.

We then started YouTube(ing) a few other sky diving videos, with Pawel showing us one where a man jumped out of a plane with no parachute! On Tuesday Ben, Owen and Jess took 42 students on the Greenwich walk. An amazing number for Owen!! They saw the meridian line and Greenwich park. A lot of Greenwich is still taken over by the Olympics so some places looked a bit like building sites. On Wednesday Hannah and Jon went to the Science Museum with about 14 students. Apparently they were disappointed as they were expecting our lovely teachers to be full on guides, but Hannah and Jon had to apologise and took them round and explained what they could whilst learning about the exhibits themselves. Thursday was theatre trip day. We had another Shakespeare Play, Much Ado About Nothing, but this time it was performed by the RSC and wasn't at the Globe which surprised a couple of students. It was a great evening with everyone really enjoying themselves. This evening there is a new club night on a XOYO in Shoreditch.  Look out for posters around the school for the upcoming Halloween party on the 31st October. Have a great weekend and see you all Monday.

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