Pub, Walk, English Pies, Tea, Bowling and Henry the Fifth

Wow, this week has been a full and busy one. With new students in for the summer we've expanded the social programme and this week was a hit! The week started off with around 35 students in the pub. they had the usual welcome drinks and chit chat. There were complaints about the dreary summer weather we are having and lots of excitement around the Olympics.

On Tuesday we had 2 activities, the first being the Greenwich walk with Owen and Julia. Unfortunately they had a downpour and took a break in a hotel for a drink. When the rain cleared up Owen took them round with a cup of white wine in his hand! They were disappointed as they had closed Greenwich Park and they couldn't get near the Meridian due to the Olympics. In the evening, Jon took 9 students to The Newmans Arms for real traditional English pies. Everyone really enjoyed it, some even saying that they now like English food!   On Wednesday we went for afternoon tea. Despite protests about drinking Tea, it turns out that everyone did really like it. One person who shall remain unnamed told us he didn't like tea but drank 3 cups! Thursday two groups went bowling. Loads of the students hadn't been before yet still managed to get strikes! Nick won the second game shaming everyone else with his score of 130.  Watch out Takehiro! This evening is Henry the Fifth at the Globe. For those who are going, I hope you have fun. Have a great weekend.

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