Pub, Walk, Camden and Phantom of The Opera

On Monday Hannah and I took a bunch of students to the pub for the welcome drinks. Hannah bought along her camera and after a bit of coaxing managed to convince everyone to let her film them for the school’s introductory video she is making. I had a few different conversations starting with James Bond and how some thought that the new film Skyfall was disappointing in comparison to some of the other recent movies. Tuesday saw Owen, Jess and Nick going on the under the bridges walking tour. It’s a fascinating walk which I discovered on a past social with Owen. At the end of the walk Owen dropped some of the students off at Leadenhall Market which is where a lot of the Harry Potter films were shot, so there were some excited students! On Wednesday it rained, a lot. I was surprised to learn that Ben and John even took three students to Camden Market. Once they arrived they looked around the market whilst trying to shelter from the downpour. They went in different directions and decided to meet up again in half an hour but the students must have decided that hanging out with the teachers was cramping their style!

Yesterday was the theatre trip to Phantom of the Opera. There was a lot of interest in going as the tickets sold out fairly quickly. It’s an amazing production, very atmospheric and the songs are spine tingling. If you’re off to Café de Paris tonight, have a great time. Don’t forget to dress to impress!

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