Pub, Royal Walk, Museum of London and the Lion King!

On Monday Ben accompanied me and the students to the pub. I was talking to one of the students about Traditional Afternoon tea and how amazing scones and jam are. Since this conversation I have now added it onto the programme for next week as it really got my taste buds going! Ben got into his usual football banter and the students were chatting about classes and how they have been finding life in London. On Tuesday Owen and Jess did the Royal Gardens Walk minus Nicky who got caught up and couldn’t join them.

They learnt about Princess Diana and saw the memorials for her as well as for the bombings that happened on London transport. They also saw the Royal Albert Hall and learnt some interesting Royal facts. On Wednesday Vanessa took the SGI students to the Museum of London to learn about its history. They were lucky as when they walked in a guided tour was starting so they joined in and had a much more interesting and intense experience. Vanessa told me it was amazing and that she loved learning about Pankhurst the most. Thursday was a theatre trip to see the wonderful musical The Lion King. My students said it was amazing and that Hakuna Matata was definitely one of the high points. They also loved the costumes and flare of the show. A must see for anyone visiting London. If you are going to Ministry of Sound tonight, have fun. Otherwise have a great weekend!

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