Pub Quiz on the 27th August 2010

Last Friday, students and teachers met up at the King and Queen for a Pub Quiz. There were 4 teams of students and 1 team of teachers, and they were all tested on general knowledge with around 60 questions.

The MC (Master of Ceremony) was SGI teacher Dan, who kept us entertained all evening. There were drinks and snacks to keep us going and prizes for all! The winners: The Brewers (or the Fosters…) won some cool "I love London" mugs (to remember us by when they have a cup of tea… The runners-up: Drink (and drink and drink…) won some "London Sightseeing" shot glasses (quite fitting, so they can keep drinking and drinking, while thinking of us still…) In 3rd position: Poland (and the rest of the world) won some supersize pencils! to use for supersize notes… In 4th position: The Chicas – who arrived about an hour late, so very well-done to them! They pocketed some smaller size pencils, for smaller notes… And in 5th position: The Nuts – They won the consolation prize, some England sweat bands to help them remember us next time they play tennis! All in all, the students were VERY good, considering they all beat the teachers team!!! Obviously SGI students are very bright, and know a lot about a lot! Thank you to all who joined us and made this a really good night and Very Well Done!! Attached are a few pictures of the event, the rest of them are on Flickr! Check it out!

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