Pub Quiz: English Pronunciation

The SGI Social Programme is probably the best way to learn English (when you are not in class) because you can chat in a relaxed atmosphere with your friends, but you also have 1 or 2 SGI teachers there to give you a hand with your English speaking. And it’s for free!!!

Last night, we had the SGI Annual Pub Quiz, which is always great fun for students and teachers.

PUB QUIZ in the UK

A pub quiz is a key part of British social culture. Every week, all over Great Britain, there are thousands of pub quizzes. You go to a local pub with a small group of friends and that is your team.

Each team chooses a funny name for themselves (that’s because there is usually a prize at the end of the night for the best team name).

Usually it costs £1 per person to play.

Then the quizmaster asks questions throughout the evening on general knowledge, sport, music, history, science, and just about everything else, too.

At the end of the night the team with the highest number of correct answers is the winner. Do you remember that at the start of the evening everybody had to pay £1 to enter. Well, all of that money gets put into the ‘pot’ and then the winning team get the ‘pot’ as the 1st prize.


How could we be a good English school in London if we did not offer such an important slice of British culture?

As we do with all social programme events, we do something special for our students. So, we created the questions especially for our international students from all corners of the world. A lot of quizmasters just simply download ready-made quizzes off the internet, but that would be boring for the SGI students because all the questions would be about the UK and they probably wouldn’t know the answers.

So, we had questions on Books, History, Sport, Flags, Music, Spelling and Pronunciation… all of which would most likely be in the general knowledge of international students aged around about 20 years old.

We had 4 teams and they chose their names as: Tequila Banana, The Fishmongers, Charlie’s Angels and ‘The Winner is.

Our quizmaster was Charlie (you can see him in all the pictures of the night HERE – He’s the one wearing the top hat!) who is an ex-SGI teacher.

There were free drinks and snacks for everyone…. maybe that’s why lots of the teachers were there.  🙂

So, there was a really great atmosphere.

The most difficult round was probably the Pronunciation task. Each group had to choose their best English speaker to read out loud some super difficult sentences in front of everybody else. The sentences contained lots of words that have the ‘ough’ spelling.

Then the teachers gave out points according to the standard of pronunciation and number of mistakes. You can see the results of this killer task in the video below.

If you want to watch a video with SGI teacher, Bren explaining the ‘ough’ sound and also reading these sentences, PLEASE CLICK HERE.


At the end of the night, the scores were incredibly close. The eventual winners were ‘The Winner is’ with 37.5 points.

The winners of the best name prize were obviously, ‘Tequila Banana’.

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