Pub, Museum, Soho and Phantom of the Opera!!!

At the pub on Monday, Neus, teacher Danielle, Mario, Elizabeth and teacher Hannah talked about Margaret Thatcher's death, life in Switzerland and exercise. Neus recently went back to Spain and really enjoyed the warm weather and the rest of them are all hoping that London will warm up soon. On Tuesday Jon took the students to the Museum of London. He accidentally missed a couple of students who were great about it and went off to the British Museum instead. Back at the Museum of London they learned about the Great Fire of London and the history of London from the Roman times to the present day. Owen and Jemma went on the Soho walk with the students on Wednesday.

They started off at the school and finishednear the Houses of Parliament. They learnt about the IRA and the bombs that were set off in London as well as seeing Soho Square and some of the Queens guards. On Thursday there was a Theatre trip to see Phantom of the Opera. An amazing story about a lost soul trapped underneath Paris Opera House who seeks the love of a woman. The play is full of special effects and fantastic music. This evenings club night is Pacha so enjoy…Have a great weekend!

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