Pub Drinks with Gavin, Trendy Soho with Owen & Jess, Glory for SGI Football & Lovely Tea!

This week was a busy one! We started with the pub as usual, but again, there was a slight change of programme as Gavin took over from Dan and accompanied the students to the Cock. They had the usual drink and a good time! Everyone is welcome on Monday, and we have our usual customers, the long term students, who come for this little SGI treat every week! So don't be shy and join in! On Tuesday, after the rain came the walk! Owen kept saying it would be dry, and it was, which was lucky as Monday was apparently nominated as the most depressing day of the year so far due to the terrible weather! And so he took a group of about ten students through the streets of London, TheatreLand, Trafalgar Square, as usual telling the stories and history surrounding the areas covered. Jess, Owen's loyal puddle also took part, although she looked a bit cold, poor thing… (see pictures!) On Wednesday I personnally attended a pretty good football match in Brixton. Charlie, Gavin and Dan played in the Rest of the World Team, along with students of different nationalities (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Argentinian) and the other team consisted of Argentinians only, all from a big group that arrived at the school 2 weeks ago. Highlights: There was some great team play and footwork. A few incidents occured (Martin's foot versus Dan's face, OUCH!)  Although the final score would not back up this comment, the Argentinian goalkeeper was very skilled. Even from my inexperienced point of view, I could see that he had the right technique and moves, and so he was nominated "Man of the Match". On the down side, there was a lot of French swearing coming from a particular player (whom I will not name, but we all know who I'm talking about…) At half time the score was 8-3 in favour of the ROTW, and after that it just kept rising all the way to the final score: 19-11 to the ROTW. When asked today, the Argentinians admitted to being mentally scarred by such a vicious defeat at the hands of their teachers! We told them: They're not only here to learn about language!! Finally on Thursday Dan introduced 19 students to the Traditional Afternoon Tea.  It started with a long walk down to St Martin's lane (near Leicester Square), and students wondering what to expect from "Traditional English Food"! When they got there, the staff at Brown's (the restaurant) was extremely accommodating, and everyone was able to sit together. Finally the tea came, accompanied by scones (half biscuit/cake) clotted cream and jam, salmon & cucumber sandwiches and also little pastries… The clotted cream was very very popular! When asked if English people eat this everyday, Dan answered no, quite obviously!! We would all be a lot bigger if we did! While enjoying this treat, they discussed the types of conversation that would usually be discussed during afternoon tea: they include the weather, different types of tea, recipes for scones, clotted cream. Also to be discussed: the difference between raisins and berries! How very British! Well that was it for the week! Next week, pub, musical, museum and market!

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