Pub Drinks, Christmas Market & Thriller…

Not the most eventful week this week, but still some good things! The school has definitely become calmer and students are gradually disappearing! Next week we’ll only have about 25 people here!
On Monday, as usual, we went to the pub. Charlie & Julia accompanied the students to the Adam & Eve. They had a chat about the company “Cap Gemini” who sends SGI a lot of students all year round as part of their training (3 students this week only!), then they talked about the various Christmas markets in the city. They also had some fairly serious discussion about the split of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Euro and the current economic situation… Finally, they tried to show off to each other by demonstrating how many words of Russian, Arabic, French & Japanese they each knew! Good fun!

On Tuesday, Amy took a little group to the Christmas Market located on the Southbank. It’s not a big market, but it’s very cute, and nice to walk around. All the different goods (food, drinks, souvenirs, arts and crafts) are displayed in Cologne-style chalets, and the area usually smells very good thanks to all the chocolate and sweet things.. It was a chilly afternoon, but everyone enjoyed it!



On Thursday finally, Owen took a group of 8 to see Thriller, the musical. The students enjoyed watching all the different “Michaels” on stage, performing all his classic songs from the Jackson 5 early stuff to the most recents and “palest” hits… They had fun, for a great price! Thanks Owen…



Next week is the last week before the Christmas and New Year closure,  with the school re-opening on the third of January 2012. We’ve got a special event on Tuesday for the students who are staying til the end, so make sure you’re around at 3.30pm for a bit of fun in LG10!

Personally, I’m off on holiday tonight, so I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year Celebrations! Talk to you next year!

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