Pub, Design Museum, Musical & Camden’s Market in the cold

Another week gone! This Monday it was me who took a good group to the Cock, our local. I sat with Dinara, Daniel, Thomas, Fabio, Pepe and Hiroko. Dinara needed help to try and get internet from her neighbours, so I helped her write a polite note to them, I hope it helped… And then we had a chat about the London Eye, and what it is: a wheel? There also were a few smokers at the table and we discussed our opinions of the smoking ban, some saying it doesn't bother them, other (like me) who think that it's a little hard in the winter… We also chateed a little about the dim lights in the "public House" – PUB – and came to the conclusion that it was to stop people (and children) being able to watch what happens inside,  through the window… There was also a discussion about ashtreys and asteroids, which, according to some, sound the same in English! I'm not sure, but try saying them! Finally I gave a few ideas to new student Hiroko who just arrived and wanted to know about my favourite places in London: Shopping: Covent Garden because of the opera singers and classical musicians playing in the old flower market area; Views: Waterloo Bridge – think of the Kinks' Waterloo Sunset: you can see Westminster, the London Eye etc. and on the other side you also have a great view of the city – It is one of my favourite places in London. On Tuesday, Charlie took a big group to the Victoria & Albert Museum – No it isn't all about the Kings and Queens of England – but about design through the ages. On display are pieces of furniture, traditional costumes, and most importantly: the Jewellery section – Everyone's favourite! They had a good look around, and had a good time! On Wednesday, Owen managed to recover the missed deal – with less than 10 students he wasn't able to get the original £22.50 price, but got another good discount at £26 and the group got an upgrade to the Dress Circle – pretty much the best seats in the house! The musical they saw was the theatre adaptation of "Legally Blonde". Feedback was that it was very funny, especially the part at the hairdresser's when one of the characters bends down to pick up a pen and bangs her head against the man's head and breaks his nose! This is the same scene as in the movie with Reese Witherspoon… Finally last night, Gavin headed north to Camden town for a bit of alternative shopping with a small group of 5 or 6. They had a look at both markets (for a year after my arrival in London I didn't realise there was more after the bridge…) and saw a few punks (lots of piercing, mohicans, platform shoes and tattoos…) but they got very cold very quickly and so the visit didn't last very long… This is it for this week, next week we'll have the usual pub drinks, the Wellcome Collection (strange medical artefacts museum), a walking tour under the bridges of London with Owen and… a 6 a side football match on Thursday! See you then and have a great weekend!

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