Pub and National Drinks, Outdoor Art and Fancy Afternoon Tea

Another week, another free drinks session at the pub on Monday. This week I took the group myself, around 15-20 students, and we had a good chat about different things, such as: "which is the most expensive city to live in: Tokyo, New York or London?" Anyone with the answer is very welcome to comment! Other topics included different countries' national drinks: Italian Grappa or Limoncello, Japanese Sake, Russian Vodka…  And we also talked about the many lovely parks of London, perfect for relaxation, and to get away from the crowds and noise, very much appreciated by the students in general… On Tuesday, Owen and his faithful dog Jess started on a walk highlighting 1000 years of London History. Unfortunately, on Tuesday fell a 1000 drops of rain a minute, and so I have no pictures of the event… They just wouldn't have been very nice with a bunch of students cold soaking wet in a grey London and a poodle in a puddle. Well, they did go on with the walk (good on them!) and had a good time despite the English weather… And that is the British attitude!  On Wednesday, the nice but freezing cold weather was back, and so the 12 students accompanying Gavin to Kensington Garden got a bit chilly! But they enjoyed the cool mirrored scupltures of Anish Kapoor displayed in the Garden – Tip for the next outing with Gavin: If he tells you that it's OK to get past a barrier, DO NOT listen to him. Val, a French student, understood this on Wednesday when he got shouted at by the garden's guard as he was trying to get a closer look at the sculpture… Oops Gavin! Regarding the question asked during the visit "What does it all mean???" Well from what I could gather from the Internet, the artist's plan was not to make us wonder at his sculptures, but to give us another view of the beautiful landscape in the park, and to make us see "The World Upside Down". Now, for the most successful event of the week! Afternoon Tea at Brown's Living like the Queen obviously appealed to many of our students as about 20 of them turned up for Amy's event! I hadn't booked a table, so I was slightly worried when I had to call and advise the restaurant that 20 hungry people were on their way to them, but I needn't have been. The staff were very helpful and arranged for tables to be joined together for our big group, and they had a really great time! I've never had so much good feedback on an event, so this is going to become a regular on the social programme. For just about £6 per person, they got: 2 salmon sandwiches, little pastries, a big scone with clotted cream and jam (very very traditional) and a big pot of tea! And all this in a great helpful atmosphere… We'll be going back very soon! Today is Friday, and there is no event this week BUT next week, HALLOWEEN PARTY! Fancy Dress COMPULSORY (competition) – Games, Drinks, Music, Dancing, all this in a cool private bar near Barbican! 6pm. See you there! PS: For additional pictures of this weeks events, check out the SGI Online website/London Life

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