Present Perfect vs Past Simple: Justin has/hasn’t fathered a child. Did he?

Look at the verbs in bold. Are they present perfect (thinking about the past up to now) or the past simple (finished actions from the past)??? Justin Beiber has fathered a baby… oops hold on, that’s not right. A ‘fan’ has claimed that Justin Beiber has been a little bit naughty and fathered her child. Baby, I mean Bieber has denied the allegations that he is the proud daddy of Mariah Yeater’s son, Tragedy, I mean, Tristyn. Yeater said that she got pregnant after Bieber had a one-night stand with her backstage after one of his ‘miming sessions’, I mean, concerts in LA. I didn’t know he had it in him! He’s only 12 years old, isn’t he? Yeater and her lawyers filed the case against Bieber in San Diego’s Superior Court last week. Bieber’s representative declared that the fart, I mean, ‘star’ will take a paternity test to prove his innocence when he gets back to the US in a fortnight. Yeater’s lawyers responded by saying that, “A test is the only way to definitely determine who the father is. They added that they filed the paternity suit because they believed in it and that their faith would continue. However, Bieber swears that he has never met Yeater and on Sunday he described the allegations as ‘crap’. He used a naughty word! At the MTV awards in Dublin, after he excitedly collected a prize for “Best new Haircut in Pop” Bieber shouted, “There’s been a lot of crap talked about me on the internet lately, but I’ve pulled through.” He thanked his fans for helping him through his troubled week: “It’s been incredible, my fans are amazing.” Well, perhaps some fans are more amazing than others, eh Justin? On Monday, the singing midget was in London to turn on the Xmas lights in the two huge Westfield shopping centres. Thousands of screaming idiots, I mean, fans travelled from as far away as Norway and then queued up for 12 hours to see the manufactured puppet press a light switch. Bieber travelled by helicopter between the two sites, as he is allegedly scared of walking.

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