Prepositions of Place: Into the Wild

Prepositions of place are highlighted in the article and then explained in the preposition list below the video.

If, like me, you like photography and wildlife, there is only one place to be this weekend – The Natural History Museum! It is one of the top 5 museums in London and even better, every year they have the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. The 2011 exhibition finishes on the 11 March, so it is your last chance to see the best wildlife photographs taken in all corners of the world last year. It always amazes me that young photographers alongside adult ones can take such incredible photographs of all life on this beautiful Earth. It is not just the subject, but also the positioning and lighting of the photo and judging certain elements to get the best shot. A few of my favourites include a Polar bear swimming in the sea. The photo shows the bear in the centre of it with its whole body underneath the water and its head just above it. To capture this picture the photographer had to be brave enough to stay facing the bear. Another good one is in the urban wildlife category and involves a little reptile on the Italian Riviera. The lizard is in shown in detail in the foreground, with the traditional houses distorted by the lens in the background. It gives a good impression of how people live so close by to nature. There’s another great water photo involving small whales, but if you look closer, you can see a dolphin in between them – a truly intriguing picture. There’s also a very magical photo of a group of flamingos at dawn in Kenya, with a few flying overhead of a large group of standing ones. Beyond them more can be seen flying and standing around. The overall winner of the competition, and deservedly so, is a stunning photo of pelicans sitting beside each other, covered in crude oil from the oilrig disaster in the USA in 2010. The white sheets they are sitting on top of are stained orange because of the blackness of the oil (as well as their white heads). Although you might now have an idea of what the photos might look like, it is worth going to see them for yourself. Enjoy the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 while you can…it’s also half-price for students at £4.50, so even better. And if you are still not interested, then there’s always the Science museum adjacent to it, as well as the Victoria and Albert Museum nearby!

List of Prepositions of Place

next to
In the centre of
the middle
below the level/surface of something
In front of
In the front part (of a picture/photo)
In the back part (of a picture/photo)
Close by
not far away, near
next to
On top of
on the surface of something
Adjacent to
next to
not far away, near
Further back from the main thing
above (something)
In between
In the middle of two or more things

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